FRP-Fiber Reinforced Products

Culimeta America offers a wide array of products for Reinforcement applications.

We distinguish between

a) Reinforced Products for “Ambient Temperature Applications” and

b) Reinforced Products for “High Temperature Applications”

¬†Typical examples for “Ambient Temperature Applications”:

  • Leisure industry: Surfboards, Boats, Ski, etc
  • Industrial: Vessels, Pipes, Containers, etc.
  • Construction: Concrete or Cement, Houses, Bridges, Asphalt, etc.
  • Transportation: Cargo Rooms, Wings, Trucks Bodies, Shipping Containers

Typical examples for “High Temperature Applications”:¬†

  • Furnace / Industrial ovens: Refractory bricks & boards
  • White-ware; Insulation Boards, Stove Top-High Temperature Composites
  • Ballistic panels

In order to gain the best results, materials are often combined into laminates, composites or other forms.

This implies almost endless possibilities to engineer the optimal product for an application.

We would like to assist you in engineering & sourcing the right product.