Basalt Needlemat

Culimeta offers a mat based on Basalt Fibers, mechanically bonded with the aid of needles.

More information about this “needle punching process” can be obtained by clicking here: More Info About The “Needle Punching Process”


Continuous Application Temperature:

The general “continuous temperature application” rates about 400 degrees F higher than the comparative product made from E-Glass. The final application, its environment, the heat conditions, the heat directions, the density of the mat itself, as well as its thickness are only a few determining factors for the appropriate continuous application temperature. It seems that a good safe number will be 1,600 degrees F for the Basalt Needlemat. Higher values may apply, depending on the particular application.

In order to enhance temperature reflective properties, an aluminum foil can be added to the product.

While the Basalt Needlemat  is widely used in thermal applications, it also can be treated with resins and turned into a constructional board.

Insulation Value: 

Insulation values or thermal conductivity values are typically described in k-values, for high temperatures. For low temperatures, in cryogenic applications, R-values commonly apply. .

The thermal conductivity values usually change as the temperature changes. Therefore, the values always need to be compared at the same temperature.

with approx. 0.057 w/mK at 330 degree C (625 degree F) it rates within the same range as Fiberglass.

Application Ideas: 

  • Flame/ Heat barrier
  • Constructural Board
  • Flexible Expansion Joints
  • Gaskets
  • Batting
  • Asbestos replacement
  • Cryogenic
  • Ovens
  • Furnaces
  • Turbines
  • Automotive
  • White ware

Other remarkable Properties: 

  • Non-respirable, 13 micron filament diameter
  • Meets chemical acceptability of NRC Guide 1.36, section C
  • Very high alkali and acid resistance (surpassing most mineral and synthetic fibers)
  • Negligible moisture absorption (less than 1% at 65% relative air humidity)
  • Remarkable immunity to nuclear radiation, UV light and biologic contamination

Standard Specifications: 

1/4″, 9 lb/ cuft

1/2″, 9 lb/ cuft

1″, 9 lb/ cuft