Air Texturized Yarns

Product Description: 

Culimeta offers yarns which are air texturized.

The texturizing process in brief:

During the air texturizing process, multifilament yarns are conducted through a nozzle where high pressured air mechanically bulks them up. During this process, the filaments remain unbroken, for the most part. When using multiple strands, those are then mechanically bonded and can be processed as a “One-Strand Fiber”.

Air texturizing increase the yarn density.

We distinguish between “Parallel Texturized” and “Effect Texturized” yarns.

Parallel Texturized yarns are more comparable to a simple assembly of multiple strands; this version of texturizing is desired to

  • increase the insulation values,to
  • improve the weave in the final woven cloth,or to
  • increase abrasion resistances in the final product,

thus parallel texturizing has a Technical value.

Effect Texturized yarns can be “looped” or “knotted”. The loop effect is achieved by one strand of yarn being fed into the nozzle at a higher speed than the an other strand of yarn.

Those effects are mostly used in decoration applications for woven fabrics, e.g. fiberglass wall papers,

thus the effect texturizing has an Aesthetic value. 

Texturizing can also be applied to multifilaments of different chemical or physical properties, which allows to manufacture hybrid versions. Hybrids can be engineered towards the exact desired mechanical and thermal properties.

Please provide us with your requirements and we can work on some recommendations.

Packaging Information of Texturized Yarns

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